Blogette: Cats love line-dried clothes

My most recent eco swap was from a traditional dryer for ALL my clothes to a good ol’ drying rack. I had tried to line dry my clothes in the past, but could never quite get the hang of it–the fabric would be stale, towels would lose absorbency, and I was just left wondering why hang-dried clothes in old movies always seemed like they’d come out smelling like a literal breeze of air. I did a bit more research before acquiring this rack because I didn’t want to end up hating wearing clothes again, and have been much more successful. There are still times my clothes are stiffer than I’d prefer, but I like not having to run my anti-efficiency dryer for 80+ minutes on high heat just to get the laundry done.

The new additions to my clothes-drying routine are as follows:
– Use less detergent (like half as much as I was previously using–apparently it goes a long way). It prevents soap from caking onto the material without getting mostly rinsed out by the washer.
– Occasionally dump a cup of vinegar in a soaking pile of clothes in the washer to help get off some of the soap buildup.
– Stick the clothes in the dryer (*gasp* I thought we had avoided the dryer completely! Not so lucky…) It helps shake out the material and fibers (or so I hear) so they don’t dry as if they were paper-mached around a metal bar.

Moving forward, I hope to incorporate some more eco-friendly washing tips I’ve hear about recently like washing items less often and using certain sprays to keep those clothes smelling fresh before washing them. That way I can save more water too!

Are there any tips you have for hang drying clothes for extending the longevity of each wash? I’d love to hear about them.

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