Plants for days

Re-potting plants in 73-degree weather? Yes, please! 

I might be addicted to adopting plants. My husband has to give me a limit on how many new plants I could bring into our home in a given time period or else I will go completely overboard. It took me awhile to get the hang of keeping them alive, but I think I’m finally a proficient plant mother (except for the fiddle fig I was inept at caring for, much to my dismay).

With a total seven of these green beauties, I increasingly feel like I’m bringing the outdoors inside. There’s something so sterile about how buildings feel nowadays–few windows that are rarely open, climate controlled spaces, and stuffy air. Not to mention that we’re stuck in them for the majority of our days.

Aside from spending more time outside, I believe living among ferns, elephant ears, and snake plants helps bring a sense of calm to your life. The little things each of us take the time to experience are really make this life worthwhile. It’s my personal feeling of connection to plants, animals, people, and the universe at large that drives my desire to preserve the beauty of this world for everyone who experience it.

The most recent additions–Aloe Vera and another one I honestly can’t remember the name of (if you know what type of plant it is, share in the comments!) I already love having them around and making sure they’re hydrated and happy. 

What do you do to feel connected to nature and the world around you?

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