Blogette: The power of green

Your elemental power is…GREEN (Lego Ninjago Movie, anyone? *L-Loyd*)
Figured this was super timely for St. Patrick’s Day tomorrow too. My home was so boring before I starting integrating plants into my decor. It feels so much more cozy with all of them around now. Right now, this picture pretty much shows all the plants I currently have (minus three), but hopefully I’ll have enough to completely fill all open furniture surfaces in my apartment one day. I truly am a crazy plant lady… and cat lady for that matter. I’ve recently been wanting a dog too, but we’ll have to wait until we have a yard one day since we’d like some energetic puppers like Boxers or Australian Shepherds (adopted, of course). Dogs are awesome, but they just need so much attention (thus, the cats).
Regardless, life is just so much better when you feel connected to other forms of life aside from humans. Anytime I’m traveling and away from my cats, I get so bored and miss seeing their cute lil faces. There’s something wonderful about caring for plants too–it took me awhile to be in tune with what they need, but I mostly have gotten the hang of it. I’ll have to repot a few here in the next few days because it’s about that time of year.
Do you have any favorite plant/animal babies you want to brag about?


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