Food about to go bad? Just freeze it for later.

When frozen bananas are bae 😘
Now if only I could pose with this mason jar filled with frozen bananas in front of the Taj Mahal, the Eiffel Tower and the Grand Canyon. Do I sense the beginning of a bucket list?? Quite possibly, though this sounds like a pretty fricken strange goal (thanks brain). It’s time we all move away from plastic packaging and reducing food waste, though. When my bananas get too ripe, I stick them in the freezer in this jar to use for smoothies later. Kill two birds with one stone (but not really, cause, you know–the vegan thing).
Though there aren’t many people who deny that single-use plastic pollution is an issue, some people are not sure exactly what the negative effects are.
Quick facts from one single-use plastic bottle will take 450 years+ to break down into microplastics *and not even completely break down, which doesn’t really happen with plastics*. Microplastic particles attract pollutants and other toxic materials and as fish and animals eat them and they end up in our soil. Before long, they end up in our bodies as well, which is likely to cause a whole slew of health issues. Not to mention that hundreds of species die from consuming too much of this plastic when mistaking it for food.
Thus the reason I opt for glass mason jars to store my food as much as I can. How do you reduce plastic waste?
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