Zero waste travel: beauty edition

Traveling and Zero Waste aren’t exactly a match made in heaven.
There are a lot of “eco friendly” habits that are extremely difficult to keep up while traveling. I have trouble finding food with less packaging or fighting through airport crowds to refill my water bottle at a fountain. It can be hit or miss whether I’m able to easily find something that meets my fairly annoying standards and I find it’s really difficult to always be prepared with food or other items before heading to the airport or wherever else. Luckily, I don’t really have any problems maintaining my low-waste beauty/hygiene routine since I can just bring all this stuff along with me without thinking twice about it. In this case, I’ve been able to easily bring my refillable lotion, a shampoo bar (which I’ve decided I love), and a capsule deodorant.
As much as you want to, sometimes it’s not mentally, emotionally, or physically healthy to try and stick to certain habits when the circumstances just don’t allow for it. You just have to find what’s doable and take pride in your ability to do that.
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