What does sustainability mean?

What does sustainability mean to you?
I used to think it was purely about sacrificing certain novelties so that future generations may live healthy lives, but I now realize how much more to it there actually is. Take the analogy of eating until you’re stuffed, for example. In my head as a child, it was so great to be able to eat as much fudge as I possibly could because, well, what would be wrong with MORE fudge? Come to find out, it’s really not that good for you. Plus, that feeling full feeling isn’t that great and shouldn’t really be worn as a badge of honor like childhood me did. By eating the right portion of fudge on an occasionally basis actually allows you to enjoy it more and feel better after consuming it.
In my eyes, this is exactly how environmental sustainability looks–just on a larger scale. In order to be mentally, physically and emotionally happy, we require a certain amount of delayed gratification and overall reduction in our consumption. Whether that be in shopping for new clothes, eating resource-heavy foods, or travelling, we need to realize that moderation is so incredibly important. When talking about minimalism, this theme repeatedly comes up too. If we reduce all the “stuff” in our lives to only what is essential (which is a separate thing for every individual), we will be happier and feel more fulfilled in life.
All these things–health, sustainability, minimalism, etc.–are all intertwined. Once we all determine how to integrate them into our individual lives, we’re likely to be happier overall.


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