Why choose bidets?

Let’s talk bidets 💧🚽

Long story short, the idea of having a bidet has never really bothered me as I was around them all the time when I lived in Japan, but my husband was totally opposed to the idea of having one in our apartment (which I found pretty entertaining, but nonetheless a challenge to convince him of the benefits of bringing the hygenic tool into our home). For one, Americans use 36.5 billion tons of toilet paper each year (approx. the pulp of 15 million trees) which requires more than 473 billion gallons of water to produce and 253 thousand tons of chlorine for bleaching. That’s not even mentioning the required energy to produce the product, it’s packaging, and transporting it. This is compared to a bidet, which uses about ⅛ of a gallon per use versus 37 gallons of water of water used to make a single roll of toilet paper.

One of the most satisfying parts of all of this is that I did finally convince him to let me buy one and now he loves it more than I do. As for actually using the bidet, it’s a little alarming at first (unless you buy one that heats the water first), but you quickly get used to it and miss having one when you’re at a public toilet. We just bought the Hello Tushy brand and my husband said it was pretty easy to install.

Though I’m not giving up toilet paper entirely (yet) since we still gotta dry off a bit, I’m viewing buying the bidet as a win.

See this Scientific American article for the source for all the numbers in this post.

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