Read: Can business save the earth?

Can business save the earth?

This book has been a fun read for someone like me who is convinced that human ingenuity, if put to the test and incentivized, can solve the world’s biggest issues. It touches on the key stakeholders in the innovation process and how each one has to play it’s part in sparking development in the sustainability arena (largely as it relates to tech) from the consumer to investors to the innovators themselves.

I hear a lot of talk in the sustainability community about how business has contributed a lot to the degradation of earth’s natural resources and, while I completely agree, I also think we can restructure businesses’ role to be beneficial to our communities and society as a whole. It’ll take a lot of restructuring of how the government and other organizations facilitate the innovation process as it relates to sustainability, but I believe it’s totally possible. What are your thoughts??

I first heard about this book on Kamea Chayne’s podcast (Ep. 50) Green Dreamer where she features one of the book’s authors–Michael Lenox. Check it out for more awesome topics like this one!

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