It took me quite some time to get on the menstrual cup train (fair warning, this is about to get very TMI). Hopefully the recollection of my zero waste period escapades will help a few people out there, but if not, hopefully there’s something you can take from this. To begin, I’ve used washable pads (paired with tampons) since I found out about them (2+ yrs ago) and before @shethinx even became a thing, so I was familiar with the “gross” part of having a low-waste period. Trouble is, I also have an unfortunately heavy flow and the menstrual cups I was attempting to use barely held up for 30 minutes. .
I cracked that up to it just not being meant to be, but I ended up trying out two different brands/sizes and eventually found one that works MUCH better than the others did. It still leaks occasionally if I don’t empty it regularly, but it’s pretty solid otherwise (once you get the placement of it down). For anyone who’s having similar troubles, I recommend checking out the @putacupinit quiz that will help you determine which brand/size cup will work best for you. I ended up with the @mylenacup brand, but all our bodies are different, so that recommendation probably won’t help you much. I owe finding this cup to that quiz (so go try it out!).
Also, for those wondering why the hell anyone would do something this gross, just think about how many tampons and disposable pads end up in the landfill (or sewer fatburgs) each year and that you can remove from existence. Plus, you save SO MUCH MONEY. I’d say it’s worth a shot for anyone even remotely interested.
What’s been your experience with cups or what’s holding you back from trying them out?
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