via Instagram Happy 4th! 🇺🇸
While it’s easy to just yell “‘Merica,” chug some beers and appreciate the beauty of fireworks, I’m aiming to be a bit more contemplative this year (while also getting my celebratory kicks in). Though a lot of our history has been horrific and I could spend today talking about what went wrong and what we should have done better, the past is the past. What we tend to forget is how much power we have TODAY to change the future. I’ve heard this phrase come up a few times on the social meds (I believe it originated from kai1998 on reddit): “When people think about travelling to the past, they worry about accidentally changing the present, but no one in the present really thinks they can radically change the future.” .
That statement holds so much importance for me right now as we’re facing what sometimes feels like existential doom with the climate emergency, plastic pollution problem, the inhumanization of migrants, etc. While so many people want to block out those issues from their mind or pass it off as “someone else’s problem,” it doesn’t make them any less real and impactful to all of us.
I want to change this “we are helpless” narrative and help people realize how much good we could do if we set our minds to it. For this independence day, I want to *symbolically* and *cheesily* declare our independence from fossil fuels, from single-use plastics, from oppression. From the idea that we are powerless in the face of all the things I’ve grown up believing we have the responsibility to change as Americans. Now’s the time to realize each and every one of us are leaders in our own right. To shirk that responsibility is a disservice to our country, fellow humans, and the world.
Who’s with me?
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