via Instagram Have you heard of these compostable phone cases?? .
I’ve been psyched about @pelacase since I heard about them, but I wasn’t about to go buy a brand new phone case when I already had one. I gave it until it was legitimately time for me to purchase a new phone (which could arguably have been earlier or later than when I did upgrade) to also get the compostable case to go along with it. In this entire consumer experience, one thought that has been plaguing me is the impact of cell phones in general. .
Sure, pretty much all phone cases are either plastic or silicon and end up in landfills due to the unlikelihood of finding a new home after use, but what about the waste created by our culture of feeling the need to upgrade every time a new phone is released? 1.5 billion cell phones are sold each year and electronics account for up to 70 percent of toxic landfill waste, much of which ends up in e-graveyards in developing countries where workers are exposed to nickel, mercury, and other toxic fumes (see “sources for posts” via the link in my bio). .
It’s just something else to keep in mind when considering purchasing the next new thing and why buying less and delaying gratification are just as important as purchasing the more eco-friendly product when it comes to environmental sustainability.
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