via Instagram I truly believe we can come together in awe of the world we live in. . 
I just read an article published a couple years ago published on Berkley’s Greater Good magazine that really stood out to me. “A series of experiments suggest that awe causes us to have a smaller sense of self, which shapes our social networks in positive ways.” There’s a lot to unpack there, but I believe we’re often at our best as people when we see ourselves as part of a larger community or society as opposed to selfishly-driven individuals. . 
I tend to get questions every now and then about how I’ve achieved certain things and the answer is usually that I just show up with a drive to provide value, realize my personal apprehension to getting out of my comfort zone isn’t usually as significant as it seems, and open to learning as much as a can. Most people are so stuck focusing on the “me” and what others are doing for them that they miss out on what really matters–serving a purpose larger than yourself. If more people were to think that way and realize each of us as individuals are only here for a limited time, I suspect we’d have more people who care about preserving a natural world that isn’t here to serve them. . . . 
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