via Instagram I swear these containers were not made for these bars, but man do they fit weirdly perfectly. .
This week has been crazy busy and has *mostly* been driving the environmentalist part of me crazy. Had to take a flight for work, ended up mostly eating food to-go because I was constantly working, and haven’t had the energy to be as conscious as I usually am about what I consume (whether that be food I eat or free stuff that’s offered to me). On the up side, I always have my handy low waste bathroom kit that reminds me that I am still having a positive impact even when I’m at my least motivated. I’ll get back in a routine soon, but felt like getting that out there because no one should ever feel guilty for not being perfect. Simply trying is what’s going to push this movement forward in ways we can’t even imagine.
Happy Friday!
#gogreenorgohome #zerowasteproducts #plasticfree #plasticsucks #ecofriendly #earthfriendly #sayNOtoplastic #lowwaste #sustainableshopping #beatplasticpollution #bethechange #consciousconsumer #yayforearth #climateaction #stepstosaveoursphere #dreamofless #sustainable #sustainableliving #greendreamer #lowwastebathroom #dowhatyoucan #makechangehappen #zerowastefails #growth #burnout

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