via Instagram Yeah, I said it.
If there’s one thing I’ve learned from working in marketing, it’s that shooting for the wrong metric can derail any message or campaign you’ve created or outcome you’re shooting for. Similarly, if our entire economy is judged on one number that does NOT include data that accurately reflects human well-being, then it’s just all downhill from here. In this community, I hear a lot about how capitalism is the problem, but I couldn’t disagree more. I do believe, though, that we have not introduced the correct parameters within this system that would keep us on the right track. Human ingenuity needs an outlet (which is why socialism/communism don’t work), but we haven’t quite figured out how to funnel it in the right direction yet. I strongly believe step one is to throw out GDP as the main metric we strive for and base a country’s success off of because it doesn’t account for things like unpaid family work or used goods and it does measure things like medicine and would reflect positively on GDP if everyone were to get sicker. .
GDP cannot go up forever without dramatically harming us and the planet. It’s time to switch to a better metric.

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