via Instagram I’m not a die-hard vegan by any means (though I often feel like I should be), but I’m super inspired by the growing movement toward plant-based diets.
Saw this sticker at @coolbeanseatery while I was in Austin last week and it gave me a little morale boost to keep questioning the status quo. Most people who know me well understand that I tend to look for the most reasonable and logical action in any situation. I refuse to act a certain way simply because that’s what society tells me or it’s the way “we’ve always done things.” This whole vegan thing is similar to that for me in that I see no reason to put a burden on our natural resources when 1. We can just eat more veggies to reduce the impact and 2. There are now other options that are looking and tasting more and more like meat every day because science.
I know this can be controversial and I’m not intending to shame anyone for what I totally know if hard to control, but I’m merely talking about it more because it truly is an important discussion.
Would love to hear your thoughts, though.
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