Tomato or tomato

If you don’t like tomatoes, I don’t understand you 😂
I figured it was time for a good-ol’ veggie photo post (or…are tomatoes a fruit??). I’ll admit, I don’t keep up on eating veggies as much as you’d expect. I heavily rely on rice and beans to keep me full, but I do occasionally make myself some delicious tomato sandwiches with Just brand sriracha mayo and some pepper and basil (SO GOOD). People seem to get really confused when I make all-veggie sandwiches, though. I just call them salad sandwiches and call it a day.
Not only are plant-based diets great for human health (if done right), they are amazing for reducing our toll on our planetary resources. According to studies by UC Davis, producing 1 pound of beef consumes between 2 thousand and 8 thousand gallons of water as opposed to tofu’s 302 gallons and unprocessed oats’ 290 gallons. Additionally, meat eater greenhouse gas emissions are 50% higher for women and 54% higher for men than vegetarians (check out the sources for these stats here).
So, go on and load up on those veggies! (even if you don’t like tomatoes…)

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