Thoughts on my sustainability efforts

You know what I say when people admire one of my strange eco-friendly habits? “I do what I can.”
That default response always feels simultaneously right on the money and so very far from the truth. I often feel like I’m doing less than I could and end up reminding myself how much I actually do. I know every conscious action I take contributes toward the waves of change enacted by this larger community of environmental philanthropists. But, at the same time, I truly want to find a way to make more positive changes in my life. Every day I have this instinctual drive to do MORE and I’m not always sure how. I aim to one day center my career around this sustainability mission, but in the meantime, I’ve been munching all the veggies or DIYing my beauty products (coffee is the best exfoliator). At least now, having started documenting the happenings in my life and sharing them with the internet, I feel like I’m not holding onto all these hippie secrets for myself. .
Having someone acknowledge the silverware attached to my hip is nice, but it’s even better to hear someone’s genuine interest in making sustainable changes in their lives—whether it be simplifying their cleaning products or creating less plastic waste.
Book – Buy Make Garbage Great: The Terracycle Family Guide to a Zero-Waste Lifestyle by @tom_szaky and Albe Zakes.
What inspires you most to make positive changes within your own life?


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